We are the winner of The Best Public Facility Award in the international contest European Property Awards. The facility is 90% powered by renewable energy sources and it has been located within a great environment right in the heart of an extinct quarry. The rocky slopes along with the regular, geometric forms of our Centre buildings reminds visitors about the history of mineralogical wealth and local mining traditions. Also the unique nature surrounding of the Centre visible just outside the window provide our guests a beautiful views of the countryside.

European Centre for Geological Education is one of the most modern of the research institute and conference facility operating within the structures of the University of Warsaw. Beautifully located, right in the heart of an extinct quarry in the Holy Cross Mountains considered to be an unique region of Europe and perfect research environment for geologists.

Our facility supports students and scientists from all over the world as it provides access to high research technologies. Along with  all geological laboratories available within the Centre we give a full possibility to hold professional geological research and educate high class specialists in both geology and related sciences.

We also offer an excellent environment for institutions and companies looking for the most suitable place to hold their conferences and professional meetings events. The Centre offer thousands of square meters of air-conditioned conference, training space and stay zone for guests. Together with a great auditorium space and didactic rooms we also provide 170 hotel beds in a modern stay rooms, together with free guest car park and Internet access. The facility is also adapted to the needs of the disabled.

The Centre operates within the structures of Faculty of Geology University of  Warsaw – as a one of the best in Poland geological institute which has been educating geologists in varying specializations such as paleontologists, stratigraphers, sedimentologists, tectonicians, geologists, geochemics, mineralogists and petrologists.

Additionally the location of the our Centre is not accidental either. It is actually related to the fact that  the Holy Cross Mountains recognized as a rich repository of knowledge in the context of developing geological field-skills and is one of the most important fieldwork area as a part of geology education. Especially that this particular region of Europe is consider as an unique, as well as ideal research environment for geologists. Fame of the Holy Cross Mountains goes far so that many scientists institutions and geologists form Poland, Belarus, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, UK, USA  knows about unique qualities of the region and constantly visit our Centre.  

That is one of the reason why right in here - in the region of the Holly Cross Mountains, the Faculty of Geology University of  Warsaw has been educating geologists for nearly 70 years. First students started to hold their field courses here already during the early 1950s. Since those days, professors and assistants had the dream of creating here a permanent facility for the Department of Geology.

After many years at the University of Warsaw the concept of creating the European Center for Geological Education was established. The investment project was jointly created together by Warsaw University as Consortium Leader, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship Self-Government, Kielce County and Checiny Commune.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship 2007-2013. And finally after many years of preparation, along with a big support of the self-governmental institutions of Świętokrzyskie region, the construction project of the Centre was successfully realised and completed in 2015. 

And finally after many years of preparation, along with a big support of the self-governmental institutions of Świętokrzyskie region, the construction project of the Centre was successfully realised and completed in 2015. 

The establishment of the Centre as a university complex confirms the profound beliefs in the educational values of Świętokrzyskie region and also provides the right conditions for studing. The top-tier researchers and well-equipped  laboratories, both significantly expands our specialized educational on offer and enables you to carry out advanced research projects within the Centre.


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