European Centre For Geological Education is the research institute and conference facility operating within the structures of the Warsaw University. Beautifully located within the closed quarry in Korzecko near Chęciny, in Świętokrzyskie voivodship – is considered as an unique, as well as ideal research environment for geologists from the Poland and from all over the world.

Facility of our Centre supports students and researchers from all over the world on a daily basis through providing access to state-of the research technologies. Avaible laboratory base gives the possibility to conduct professional geological surveys and to further educate high class specialists in both geology and related sciences. The integrated complex of five buildings consists thousands square meters of air-conditioned and modern conference space and laboratories,  all of which fixed Internet access.

Centre also provides a tremendous potential for training and putting on conferences. The facility houses a modern and spacious auditorium spaces, laboratories, didactic rooms and stylish hotel rooms with on-suite bathrooms in which visitors can stay. Consequently, the facility remains a perfect base for all institutions looking for proper place for professional training, branch seminars and conferences.